Independent Investigations

We help healthcare providers independently investigate concerns in relation to the provision of healthcare, including complaints, regulatory issues, claims or internal investigations.

Independent Investigations for Healthcare Providers

We use our extensive expertise to assist healthcare providers independently investigate concerns in relation to the provision of healthcare, including complaints, regulatory issues, claims or internal investigations.

With a team of leading clinicians from all specialties and support from independent clinical investigators, TMLEP are able to provide comprehensive independent investigations to assist healthcare providers resolve claims and complaints concerning the delivery of healthcare services.

TMLEP’s independent investigations aim to satisfactorily resolve the issue between the patient and the healthcare provider and, importantly, also minimise the potential for incident recurrence.

Complaints Resolution

Complaints Resolution

Complaints arise in the healthcare setting for a variety of reasons and can range greatly in their complexity. Early satisfactory resolution is crucial to prevent a complaint unnecessarily escalating to a claim, as a result of delayed and unsatisfactory responses.

All TMLEP complaints investigations are run by TMLEP’s specialist Clinical Investigations Unit who work closely with both the healthcare providers and the complainant throughout the lifecycle of the complaint.

As TMLEP is completely independent, complainants can take comfort knowing their case has been investigated independently from the organisation the complaint relates to, removing any concerns over a potential bias.

Independent Serious Incidents / Patient Safety Incident Reports

Independent Serious Incidents / Patient Safety Incident Reports

TMLEP’s independent investigations are driven by highly specialist clinical input, advanced data analytics and oversight from specialist clinical incident investigators. TMLEP’s investigation structure and wealth of experience ensures that wherever clinical care is questioned, the incident can be thoroughly investigated to establish answers and achieve swift learning and resolution.

TMLEP’s independent Patient Safety Incident Reviews provide healthcare providers with the following benefits:

Independent, Unbiased Opinion

All TMLEP investigations are delivered by a specialist team who guarantee independent opinions, with no conflicting links to the institution, clinicians or patients being investigated.

TMLEP’s strict multi-stage conflict processes ensure that any conclusions drawn, or recommendations made, are entirely independent and able to stand up to scrutiny. Often, independence is vital for patients in achieving closure, and for clinicians to be able to have faith in and subsequently adopt, any recommendations made.

Like-for-like Expertise Analysis

All too often, clinical investigations lack the right clinical expertise. In contrast, TMLEP’s investigations include analysis from like-for-like clinical specialists. This approach ensures that both intricate clinical issues as well as wider-scale workplace issues are wholly understood to explain any adverse outcome. Tailored recommendations can then be made which are realistically practicable.

Experienced Investigatory Oversight

Each and every investigation is run by a TMLEP Analyst who is highly experienced in investigating concerns in the delivery of healthcare by both state and private providers. Analysts will be able to provide onsite visits as required, to both gather and deliver information. This ensures a personalised service to clinicians and patients who often require a level of personal contact and assurance when care is being investigated.

Reliable Outsourcing

TMLEP provides healthcare providers with the ability to reliably outsource their investigative obligations, delivering independence and ensuring compliance, to report and learn from incidents within tight timescales. Importantly outsourcing also ensures that healthcare providers do not have to rely on existing employees to investigate concerns, unnecessarily detracting them from their day-to-day clinical duties.

Bespoke Independent Clinical Review

Bespoke Independent Clinical Review

TMLEP’s vast breadth of expertise, spanning all areas of clinical practice, ensures that TMLEP are able to comprehensively comment on all areas of healthcare where issues of complaint or claim have been raised, providing clear and decisive clinical opinion to achieve a swift resolution of the issue.

TMLEP are able to deploy investigations to suit any number of healthcare scenarios.