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Whenever healthcare standards have been called into question, an early and independent investigation is critical to avoid unnecessary claims and shed light on what has happened and how to prevent recurrence. Our investigation technologies and unique in-house expertise help provide exactly this.

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An Overview of TMLEP's Independent Investigation Service


Investigations completed since 2012


Specialist Investigators


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TMLEP’s highly experienced investigators provide timely, unbiased insight, working with our 1500 clinical specialists to bring clarity and support healthcare providers and insurers around the world.

Offering complete investigation support whatever the discipline or complexity of the case, we can work in conjunction with an ongoing investigation or provide a fully outsourced and independent investigation service, including site visits, interviewing clinicians and presenting findings.

Testimonials from Our Clients

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Since 2020, TMLEP have been working with Nuffield Health, the UK’s largest healthcare charity, to provide an independent clinical investigation support service. TMLEP provides independent support to clinical teams from Nuffield Health’s network of 37 hospitals across the UK. This support includes reviewing evidence, supporting interviews and finalising independent reports for clinical investigations.

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We used TMLEP to conduct an independent clinical review into the care provided by one of our clinicians. They provided a timely and enormously helpful report which was key to helping the Trust and clinician specifically to understand where errors had been made and learning could be gained. The benefit of an independent TMLEP review in reducing the distress of the family and patient involved cannot also be understated.

Mr Jeremy Cundall, Medical Director at County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust

The benefits of our Independent Investigations Service

Reducing Litigation

Reducing Litigation

Research has shown that around 50% of cases of clinical negligence do not demonstrate any evidence of substandard care once investigated. The key causes of these unmeritorious claims include insufficient internal investigations, unsatisfactory complaints handling and the inability to obtain explanation or closure.

Restoring Patient Confidence

Restoring Patient Confidence

Our robust, independent investigations assure patients that their concerns have been heard, investigated and responded to sensitively, with action being taken if it’s necessary to reduce the risk of future problems. By providing answers from unbiased experts, we help to rebuild trust in the healthcare system.

Improving Clinical Standards

Improving Clinical Standards

Our peer-led and learning-based approach allows us to sensitively handle possible failings in care, while our Smart recommendations and support in implementing learnings ensure that clinical care can be improved at the earliest opportunity.

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Clearly Presented Findings

We present our findings in a clear written report and our investigators and clinicians are always on hand to answer queries and attend meetings where necessary.

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Swift Investigation

With unrivalled access to investigatory and clinical expertise, investigations can proceed at pace, minimising any unnecessary restrictions on practise and the time in which to receive answers. All our investigations are peer led, managed by a specialist Lead Clinical Investigator who will call on input from a TMLEP clinician practising in the relevant speciality as that called into question – this ensures that every case is handled by someone experienced enough to understand the nuances and complexities involved.

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Learning Focused

The focus of our investigations is always on learning rather than blame, and we involve all relevant parties before making recommendations on how improvements can be made.

Guaranteed Independence

Guaranteed Independence

We guarantee an arms-length investigation where all clinicians are conflict-checked to give the reassurance that there is no bias in the process – this addresses one of the main reasons for patients or clinicians not being satisfied with internal investigations

Key People

Nina Vegad joined the team as a Lead Healthcare Investigator in 2023, to significantly strengthen TMLEP’s investigation capabilities. Read more about her appointment.

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