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TMLEP gives you complete coverage from our clinical expert members who are recognised as leaders in their field and vetted by our clinical governance team. We provide the level of expert insight you need quickly and cost-effectively, so you know exactly where you stand and what your next move should be.

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An Overview of TMLEP's Expert Evidence Services


Leading TMLEP medical experts


Expert opinions provided since 2012



7 Days

Average turnaround time for an advisory report

With a range of fixed fee report options available for both advisory non-disclosable reports and fully court compliant disclosable reports, TMLEP provides the leading opinion you need whilst allowing your disbursements to be controlled.

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Unrivalled access to leading expert opinion

TMLEP carefully headhunt the very brightest clinical minds, to ensure that no matter how complex the clinical issue being assessed, we provide definitive, learned opinion.

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Fixed fee services

Controlling disbursements can be hard, especially with expert evidence. That is why TMLEP offers clear fixed fee levels, allowing you to easily control and budget your costs.

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Swift turnaround times

With an average reporting time of 7 days, you no longer should expect to wait months for an expert opinion. Our technology solutions and analyst support enable leading experts to comment competently on matters within days, meaning missed deadlines and court extensions have become a thing of the past.

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Opinions you can rely on to the court door

Every TMLEP opinion can be relied on from initial preliminary investigation, through to court.

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Clear, easy to read opinions

All TMLEP opinions are clear, unambiguous and easy to understand. We leave no room for misinterpretation.

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Expert analyst support

When you instruct TMLEP, you also receive support from a specialist analyst who is on hand to help with any issue you encounter when obtaining your expert opinion.

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