Investigate, Analyse, Learn.

TMLEP provide independent clinical investigations and healthcare analytics to assist in the accurate assessment of medical malpractice liability and the improvement of patient safety and healthcare standards around the globe.

Our Services

Whether providing independent Serious Incident Reports for healthcare providers, real time second opinions for patients receiving care, clinicians providing care, or independent clinical reports for healthcare lawyers or insurers assessing medical malpractice issues, TMLEP’s investigations are capable of accurately assessing clinical liability in any healthcare situation, regardless of the complexity of the matter.

Wherever investigations conclude that concerns are unfounded and the care provided is in fact reasonable, TMLEP set out to provide patients and their families with the independent opinions, answers and reassurance necessary to ensure closure could be sought thereby avoiding the need to resort to litigation.

Conversely, where substandard care is identified, TMLEP’s services ensure that liability can be rapidly identified with clinical learning and healthcare analytics being generated instantly, providing the clinical intelligence necessary to prevent recurrence and therefore improve healthcare standards and patient safety.