TMLEP Unveils New Evidence Sourcing Technologies for the Claimant Sector

TMLEP Unveils New Evidence Sourcing Technologies for the Claimant Sector

Expanding Access to Justice with Pioneering Legal and Clinical Technologies

TMLEP, a leader in providing innovative clinical investigatory and technology solutions, today announced the expansion of its technological services to the Claimant market, reinforcing its commitment to enhancing legal and medical standards across the UK. This strategic move aligns with TMLEP’s long-term growth plans and arrives at a critical juncture, considering the impending fixed recoverable costs regime for clinical negligence claims.

Revolutionary Service Line for Claimant Firms

TMLEP’s technology assists Claimant firms navigate the challenging landscape being shaped by the government’s fixed recoverable costs. This timely offering empowers firms to assess the viability of cases more accurately, focusing on those with substantial prospects of success. By leveraging TMLEP’s advanced evidence sourcing and provision technologies, legal practitioners can now access critical medical evidence essential for investigating and substantiating clinical negligence claims on behalf of patients.

Expert Leadership and Comprehensive Support

The new service division is jointly spearheaded by Lisa Jones who is focused on delivering client relationship support, and Georgia Millington providing technical oversight. Their leadership signifies TMLEP’s dedication to delivering unparalleled service quality. In addition, TMLEP has forged strategic partnerships with leading disbursement funding providers and After The Event (ATE) insurers, ensuring law firms and their clients can access TMLEP’s services on a deferred funding model.

Technological Edge in Legal Practice

At the heart of TMLEP’s new service line are cutting-edge technology systems. These systems are designed to streamline the process of locating and instructing medical experts, enabling law firms to procure top-tier expert evidence efficiently and cost-effectively. TMLEP’s technology solutions are not just tools but catalysts for enhancing profitability and access to justice in an increasingly competitive market.

Commitment to Market Innovation and Excellence

Lisa Jones, Director of Client Relations at TMLEP, expressed her enthusiasm for the launch, remarking, “The introduction of this new technological solution for the claimant sector is a testament to our relentless pursuit of innovation in a market we have been actively shaping since 2012. TMLEP remains dedicated to pushing boundaries and elevating standards in healthcare and legal practices.”


Founded in 2012, TMLEP is a pioneering independent clinical practice committed to improving healthcare standards globally. With a focus on providing an array of clinical investigatory and technological solutions, TMLEP stands at the forefront of enhancing legal and medical practices, enabling improved justice and quality care for all.

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