TMLEP Launches Its New Expert Instruction Technology Portal
New Expert Evidence Portal

TMLEP Launches Its New Expert Instruction Technology Portal

TMLEP are excited to announce the launch of its next generation Expert Evidence Portal, allowing lawyers to quickly find experts, view live fees and reporting timescales, and securely upload instructions, records and imaging. TMLEP’s Portal significantly reduces the time ordinarily spent instructing and managing experts, reducing unnecessary costs and ensuring time can be focused on assisting clients achieve a better outcome.

To view an overview of the system, click here or contact us for a demonstration.

Key benefits:

Instant Expert Access With over 2,600 experts available across all medical disciplines, lawyers can now easily identify experts within seconds. Users can use the inbuilt discipline search tool to view real-time CV’s, report availability, fees and turnaround times, or alternatively submit their expert requirements to the Portal’s in-built recommendations feature where experts and their CVs can be provided by TMLEP’s clinical triage team.

Case Management Assistance The Portal not only allows users to find and instruct experts but acts as a case management system for expert instructions. With a comprehensive instruction dashboard and a suite of in-built functionality to assist with managing expert instructions, it is easy to both instruct, and manage medico-legal expert instructions from within the portal.

Google Map View The new Portal comes enabled with Google Maps, helping lawyers identify experts from specific geographical regions. This assists with managing conflict issues and identify consulting rooms close to a Claimant.

Fixed Fees and Report Types The new Portal displays real-time report availability alongside associated fees and timescales, making it easy for lawyers to identify suitable experts, especially when time and disbursement restrictions are in place. This considerably reduces the time usually spent in contacting experts or their secretaries to negotiate fees and agree instructions.

Maximising Data Security TMLEP’s Portal allows radiology and medical records alongside all other instruction documentation to be uploaded directly. This removes the need for third party data transmission software which can often lead to delays caused by an expert struggling to access instruction documentation.

The TMLEP Portal was built with information governance obligations in mind, providing total assurance that medical data is being stored and transmitted securely. By using TMLEP’s Portal to issue instructions, lawyers can take comfort knowing that the expert instructed is viewing and managing their instructions within TMLEP’s digitally secure environment; this minimises data liability risks often associated with instructing standalone experts operating without appropriate IT infrastructure in place.

Fully Supervised and Managed Instructions TMLEP provides a wholly managed instruction process. Every instruction submitted via the portal is assigned to a TMLEP Analyst, which is a legally trained individual and will accompany the case for the entire lifecycle of an instruction. This specialist supervision and support ensures an instruction remains on track and the quality of the opinion provided is TMLEP assured. As the majority of TMLEP experts are full-time clinicians, to provide a continual readily accessible point of contact, Analysts remain on hand to assist with any query that arises on a day-to-day basis.