Leading Expert Opinion

Clinical negligence cases demand leading, reliable expertise. TMLEP deliver exactly this, with no compromise.

TMLEP's Expert Evidence Services

TMLEP provide expert opinions from leading clinicians across all clinical specialties in relation to breach of duty, causation, condition and prognosis and life expectancy. Our services allow medical malpractice insurers and healthcare lawyers to ensure that liability can appropriately be assessed and matters can be swiftly resolved whilst ensuring lessons will always be learnt.

TMLEP was established originally as an ethical clinical response to the rising number of claims and complaints being brought against healthcare providers and clinicians in the UK and, increasingly, across the globe.

The practice recognised that a rising number of unfounded claims were being brought against healthcare providers and clinicians simply as a result of a misunderstanding or lack of communication, not as a result of actual substandard care. Therefore, in response to this TMLEP set out to provide patients and their families with the independent opinions, answers and reassurance necessary to ensure closure could be sought, avoiding the need for litigation.

Conversely, wherever substandard care was identified, whilst cases may be settled, often lessons were not learnt, and incident recurrence was not prevented. TMLEP’s services therefore were developed to ensure that liability could be rapidly identified with clinical learning and healthcare analytics being generated instantly, providing the clinical intelligence necessary to prevent recurrence and therefore improve healthcare standards and patient safety.

With offices in both the United Kingdom and Australia and coverage across all healthcare specialties, TMLEP is able to assist on a wide range of healthcare litigation cases across the globe.